Thursday, 1 December 2016

November 2016

Hello again.

We are spending less time outside in the nursery at the moment.  The past few weeks have been spent tidying up in preparation for the colder winter months and there's really not that much to do outside right now.  We still inspect the plants on a daily basis just to make sure they are all doing well, but many are now bedded down with their heads covered for their winter rest.  We still have some colour on the nursery however, with our evergreens just coming into their own.  

Winter gives us a chance to think about exciting new projects due in the spring.  We are always interested in new varieties coming on to the market, and plan to expand our range to include some of these, as well as add to our existing range of tried and tested favourites.  

We are hoping to bring new plants that are especially tolerant of coastal conditions which many of our customers have expressed an interest in, and as we are only a few miles inland it makes sense.  We are also looking at plants that are resistant to rabbits and deer as well as looking at more plants that will benefit wildlife such as birds and pollinating insects.  We are also hoping to add a range of alpines which are so popular, and summer bedding for borders, baskets, tubs and containers.  

Many people will be actively feeding the birds during the autumn and winter months, but don't forget you can also provide the future for them by planting native species of trees and shrubs.  This time of year is perfect for planting them.  

We are currently busy preparing ground for our brand new polytunnel.  Although the vast majority of our plants are very hardy, having the polytunnel will mean we can offer protection to some of our more vulnerable plants, such as young plants and seedlings. Most of the plants we grow will withstand the cold very well, but young plants are susceptible to winter wetness.  They do not like their roots sitting in cold wet soil and many are prone to drowning if left in wet for too long.  

We have had an amazing display of Hesperantha coccinea 'Oregon Sunset' this month.  A real 'hot shot' during the cold November days.  Heuchera 'Circus' also looking good right now.

I expect lots of you are busy getting ready for the Christmas holiday season. You may even be lucky enough to receive some gardening gifts.  One of our relatives has asked for three bags of manure....we live next door to the Rheidol Riding Centre, where they keep about forty horses, so there's a ready supply of well rotted manure anytime we want it.  

We hope to have our polytunnel up and ready for plants very soon, so more on that next time, until then enjoy your time this Christmas.  

Rob & Debs

Monday, 24 October 2016


Autumn is now upon us again.  Many of our plants have been cut back in preparation for their winter rest, however there are still plenty that are going strong and giving off a colourful display.  Our Heucheras have been going through their seasonal colour change throughout the year giving another dimension to their appearance.  They are an interesting group of plants to have in the garden, and provide colour all year round.  

We attended two local agricultural shows this year.  
The Capel Bangor Show was our very first show.  We met lots of lovely local people who showed a great deal of interest in what we have to offer.  We gave out lots of advice and sold many of our plants.  We were highly commended for our stand and are now the proud owners of our very first award.  

We also attended the Talybont Show where we refined our display and made it a lot more attractive and appealing.  

We are now members of the Ceredigion & District Growers Association and next year we will be attending some of the plant fairs they organise each year.  Small independent growers often grow many plants that aren't widely available through garden centres, including many rare and unusual varieties, and the best thing of all is that because we grow the plants ourselves, we have lots of knowledge to pass on to our customers.  It's all exciting stuff. 

Some of the plants looking good at our nursery right now are:

These are all in sock and available at our nursery or via our website now.  Just click on the name under the photo to go straight there.  Don't forget if you wish to click and collect from our nursery near Aberystwyth, you can do that by selecting local pick up and you wont be charged postage and packing.  

Thanks for dropping by, until next time.

Rob & Debs

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

May showers

Hello and welcome back.

The sunshine and showers we've been having lately have made a real difference to the growth of our plants.  After a slow cold and wet start the plants are finally shooting up at last.  

Lots of changes have been going on in the nursery this month.  We have a new potting shed which is currently being spruced up with paint and will help us to keep things tidy and organised around here.   
There has been lots of potting up, checking and tidying the plants ready for sale, and making sure they are healthy and free from pests and diseases.

We have visited some growers that are new to us, which has enabled us to bring you lots of new plants and we are updating our website as fast as we can with photos, information and stock so please pop over to Daisy Chain Plant Nursery Ltd and take a look.  

There will be lots of exciting projects over the coming months and we will be watching carefully for the new trends at the RHS shows coming up.  With the Chelsea Flower Show just around the corner you can bet there will be lots of new plants and ideas that many people will want to incorporate in their gardens and we will be looking out to see what we can bring to our customers.   

Looking good at the nursery right now:

These are all in stock and available on our website now.  Just click on the name under the photo to go straight there.  Don't forget if you wish to click and collect from our nursery near Aberystwyth, you can do that by selecting local pick up and you wont be charged for postage and packing.  

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Until next time, take care and happy gardening

Rob & Debs

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Exciting Website News

It's time to say hello again and welcome back. 

After a long and wet winter we are now pleased to be seeing longer days, more sunshine and less cold, although its still pretty wet here in west Wales.  It doesn't seem to have put the plants off though, and many of our herbaceous perennials are now peeking their heads above the soil and showing good signs of growth.  Our evergreen shrubs and Phormiums are looking good too.  

We have been making good progress with our website and would like to say a massive thank you to Jake for all his hard work in the background helping us with all the technical stuff in getting ready for its launch.  We are pleased to tell you that after many hours work and much problem solving our website is now live.  

You can find us at:

We are updating our stock as it becomes available and will be adding new many new lines in the coming months.  Larger plants are available on click and collect, or if you would like to visit us at the nursery by appointment then please contact us at: and we will be happy to make arrangements.  

Looking good at the nursery this week:

Corydalis 'Blue Heron'

Heucherella 'Sweet Tea'

Euphorbia 'Baby Charm'

Monday, 23 November 2015

Stormy Weather

With storm Barney hitting the coast of Aberystwyth at the end of last week we jetted off to the sunny climes of Cyprus.  We are very grateful to have some fantastic friends looking after the nursery for us and are very grateful to them for doing so.  

Monday, 16 November 2015

Cold and Wet

This week we've been busy in the office, although we still like to get outside if we can, but there is becoming less and less to do out there now.  We do inspect the plants on a daily basis just to make sure all is well.  A lot of them are now going in to winter dormancy with their foliage dying back.  Its a good time to inspect their crowns and make sure they are firm before going in to their winter rest, the plants can then be protected with mulch.

Plants in pots are more vulnerable to winter cold and wet.  If you have any plants in pots its a good idea to wrap them up with fleece and move them to somewhere sheltered.  You can also group pots together for added protection, and if your pots aren't frost-proof its a good idea to tie bubble wrap around them for insulation.  Remember pots that absorb water are more likely to crack if the water then freezes as it will expand.  

The other important thing to do is to label your pots, particularly if you have a lot of them.  Unless you have a very good memory, you might find you forget what was planted in them.  Of course you may have photographs of them which can act as a visual reminder.  Here at the nursery we are busily making sure all our pots for sale are labelled and safe from too much cold and wet, but we still like to make sure there is plenty of air circulating around them so they don't suffer from disease.  

Looking good at the nursery this week:

Phormium 'Evening Glow'

Carex testacea

Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'

Thank you for dropping by.

Until next time.

Rob & Debs

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Monday, 9 November 2015

Rain, Rain, Rain

Well as you may have guessed from the title, its been a very rainy week here in Aberystwyth.  Preparations for the winter are now in full force.  One or two Delphiniums are still flowering but the rest have been cut down ready for their winter rest and topped with mulch to protect the crowns.  The flowers of Geranium 'Rozanne' = 'Gerwat' PBR are now coming to an end and the foliage is dying back. No wonder it was selected for plant of the centenary for the decade 1993-2002, it is such a strong flowering plant and gives a good show right through the season.  We cant wait until it re-emerges again next spring.

The deciduous grasses won't be cut back until the spring.  Their straw coloured seed heads add an extra dimension in the winter, providing height, but also protecting the plant crowns from frost and wet.  They have the added benefit of providing temporary homes to help the insect population overwinter and also look spectacular on a frosty morning.         

We are watching the weather very carefully now, we don't want to be caught out by frost.  We've got the fleece at the ready for the plants that will be staying outdoors.  Being in pots they are more vulnerable to the extremes that the Welsh coastal weather brings.  

Plants looking good at the nursery right now are:  

Heucherella 'Sweet Tea'

Heucherella 'Alabama Sunrise'

Helleborus 'Double Queen Mixed'

Thank you for visiting our blog today.  Until next time, wrap up warm and enjoy the last of the autumn colour before winter sets in.

Take care

Rob and Debs.

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Daylight Fading

This week started off cool and wet with some blustery winds but ended warm, sunny, dry and surprisingly calm here in Aberystwyth.  There's not much going on in the nursery in the late afternoons now that the clocks have gone back and British Summer Time has come to an end.  We have to make sure we get on with things earlier in the mornings so we get the best of the daylight and any sunshine that might peek through the grey clouds.  

We have been cutting back the dying foliage of our herbaceous perennials, and topping the pots with bark mulch.  Not only does this protect the crowns from the forthcoming winter cold, but it discourages moss and lichens from growing on the damp soil, stops the plants getting too waterlogged, (many plants don't like their necks in water), and it looks good too.  

Many shrubs are coming into their own right now, with the stems of Cornus beginning to colour up, and plants like Skimmia and Viburnum starting to come into bud.  Evergreen shrubs are a valuable addition to an 'all seasons' garden, and of course many provide a winter feast for our native birds.  We like to encourage wildlife into the area, so we are making sure the birds have plenty to eat as well as what they find in the wild, we are supplementing them with wild bird food in the form of mixed seed, peanuts and fat balls.  We have lots of Great Tits, Blue Tits, Magpies and even a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker visiting our bird feeders.  If you are feeding wildlife make sure you are giving them suitable food. 

Looking good in our nursery this week: 

Heucherella Tapestry

Tiarella Pink Skyrocket 

Helleborus Double Queen Mixed

We've had some Halloween fun too, carving pumpkins and getting dressed up to ride the Rheidol Valley Ghost Train which goes up to Devils Bridge....Very scary, but loads of fun.  

Thank you for reading our blog this week.  

See you next time.

Rob & Debs 

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Autumn has Arrived.

The Welsh countryside is ablaze with burning fiery colours right now.  Autumn has well and truly arrived.  

Our team is busy indoors working on preparing our website so if you're too far away to visit us, you'll still be able to buy from us.    Unfortunately at this point in time we will only be able to deliver to mainland UK, but will be looking at supplying a wider area in the coming months, so we'll keep you up to date on that one.    

This week we have been busy getting ready for the cooler days that are arriving soon and the impending winter frosts.  Plants have been inspected and tidied up, foliage trimmed where needed, and the greenhouse tidied, cleaned and new staging put in ready to take the more delicate tender plants.  

Our plants have been treated with Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer before the soil temperature drops too low.  This is a completely natural organic treatment in the form of microscopic nematodes (Steinernema kraussei) that seek out and destroy those pesky little Vine Weevil grubs that are munching their way through the roots of your prized plants.  It'll be too late to treat them this way once the temperature drops below 5 degrees Celsius, so if you are thinking of treating your plants, best do it now.

Our Heucheras at the nursery continue to look good, adding beautiful colour to autumn borders.  Heucheras are perfect for those winter displays and do well in pots with other plants like winter pansy's, evergreen grasses, baby shrubs and bulbs.  Or why not plant a container of contrasting heucheras, or even just one variety to a pot.  You may need several plants the same if it is a large pot.  

Heuchera 'Marmalade
Heuchera 'Sugar Frosting'

Heuchera 'Green Spice'
Thank you for reading our blog today.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  And don't forget if you're living in the UK, British Summer Time ends this weekend, so don't forget to put the clocks back by one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night.  

Happy gardening

Rob & Debs 

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Welcome to our blog

We would like to welcome you to our blog.  Daisy Chain Plant Nursery Ltd is a brand new plant nursery in Aberystwyth, Wales.  We stock perennials, grasses, alpines, herbs, shrubs, climbers and small trees.  We specialise in Heucheras and Hostas  and will be continuing to add new varieties over the months to come.  If there is something you would like us to stock, then please get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Heucheras are looking particularly stunning right now.  They offer beautiful colour at this time of year, particularly when most other plants are dying back for the winter.

Three of our current Heucheras.
Heucherella 'Brass Lantern'
Heuchera 'Lime Marmalade'
Heuchera 'Berry Smoothie'
Thank you for taking the time to read our blog today.

Rob & Debs